Culture Comes to the Gym

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Saturday 18th March

Culture comes to the Gym

St Pauls Boxing Gym was chosen as the venue to show the award winning play “Delicate Flowers” written by the talented Mark Rees. The play was performed as part of the Hull City of Culture WOW programme aimed at raising Equality for women in all walks of life. The gym was packed for the play. Afterwards Mike Bromby, Head coach met with both Barbara Butterick, who the play was based on and the talented Katie Rose Martin who performed. Hulls very own Barbara Butterick is now 87 years young and won the World Bantam Weight Championship in 1957. Mike said “I am proud to be a lifelong friend of Barbara, she is an amazing lady who was a true pioneer in the world of women boxing.”

Dave Curtis, parent, said “I had tears in my eyes during the performance; It was a privilege to be in the presence of a world champion”.
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