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Going strong since 1948, St.Paul’s has a rich history of developing champions. You could be part of the next chapter.


Having raised £500,000 to refurbish and re-equip its premises, St. Paul’s is now ready to write the next chapter.


Working hard to bring local people closer together, we strive to build relationships within the wider community.

Welcome to St Paul’s Boxing Academy where we aim to produce champions inside the ring and outside the ring. We aim to produce champions in life.

From our gym on North Church Side in Hull, we run boxing classes and boxing-based fitness programmes for all ages and all abilities.

We also partner with other local sports clubs to help their members attain the highest levels of fitness, and work with a diverse range of community groups, providing access to our equipment and expert coaches.

St Paul’s was founded in 1948 and throughout our illustrious history, the club has produced many champions.

Olympic gold medallist, Luke Campbell, started his highly successful career with us and former Commonwealth lightweight title holder, Tommy Coyle, was also a member of St Paul’s Boxing Academy.

But we are also uniquely positioned to reach the most impoverished and hard-to-reach young people in our city. By providing a safe environment and coaching them in the sport of boxing, we help them gain skills, confidence, self-esteem, fitness, and so much more.

At St Paul’s Boxing Academy, we are one big family where everyone is welcome. If you’d like to find out more about becoming a member, please get in touch.


St. Paul's have paved the way, not only for me but for thousands of youngsters over the years. It will always have a special place in my heart.

Tommy Coyle

“From getting fit to being a champion, St Paul’s has the skills, the dedication, the time and the desire to help you achieve whatever you want. It’s a truly inspirational place”

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“St Paul’s has helped me find the right direction. I’m happier, healthier and able to help people in a way I never have before. That’s what the club has given me”

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“St Paul’s is so much more than a boxing club – it is the place you go to learn to be the best you can be and that transfers through into everything you do in your life”

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Home workout and fitness routine for kids 4-12

We’ve put together a series of videos to help kids stay fit. They can easily do these routines and exercises at home, indoors or outdoors, with no need for any specialist equipment. And parents are most definitely encouraged to join in!!!

In the first video, we show you how to do a fun and effective warm-up.  The second video shows you some simple foot drills that will really help you stay sharp. In the third video, you get taken through some pad training routines.

If you don’t have pads at home, you can easily incorporate these moves into a shadow boxing workout. The fourth video gives you a really effective but simple circuit training routine that will really help get that heart pumping.
>> Click here to start now!!