St.Paul’s Boxing Academy Annual General Meeting

By November 14, 2016Boxing Academy, Events

The St. Paul’s Boxing Academy Annual General Meeting took place on 4th November and was attended by an enthusiastic mixture of coaches, parents and individual supporters of the academy, all of whom are working tirelessly to continue to improve the success of the academy. The AGM topped off what has been a momentous year for the Academy.

The meeting was opened by Shelagh Devereux, whose task was to seek support for re-election of the management Committee.

Following a vote, the Management Committee of the Academy was re-elected by those present with new positions of Coach representative, Parent representative and Fund raiser being filled by Tony Riding, Paul Mundy and Emma Robibson respectively.

Head Coach, Mike Bromby was reflected as Chair of the Management Committee and Competition Secretary and Paul Kershaw was re-elected as Academy Secretary and Boxing Development Officer.

Whilst outlining his vision for the future development of the Academy, Mike outlined his thoughts on what makes St Pauls unique. He confirmed the Academy will continue to develop and outlined some of the priorities as follows:

  • Working towards achieving clubmark
  • Improving the facilities of the academy
  • Developing the relationship with parents
  • Developing the academy’s partnerships with local organisations, including schools, colleges, the university and community groups
  • Establishing the Personal Development Centre
  • Broadening the academies sources of funding


Barrie May gave an update on the Academy’s journey to reach the standards laid down by Clubmark and the time table for completion of the work that will enable the academy to reach these standards and become one of the first boxing clubs in the UK to meet the new standards.

The statement of accounts was presented by John Rutherford and accepted by the AGM.

At the end of the meeting Mike wished everyone a safe journey home and thanked everyone for their support and personal commitment to the Academy.

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