personal development centre

PDC – Personal Development Centre

Finding the key to unlocking potential 

St Paul’s Centre is a not-for-profit organisation offering alternative learning opportunities for 11-18 year olds who struggle in mainstream education and who are at risk of exclusion.

St Paul’s Boxing Academy has a long and distinguished history of working with young people and creating champions. St Paul’s Centre builds directly on this tradition by combining the best in boxing training with other learning activities – in this way young people develop discipline, improve their self- esteem and find the confidence to focus on their personal aspirations.

Inspiring the next generation…

Since enrolling a group of our year 10 and 11 students on the Preliminary Boxing Award at St.Paul's Boxing Academy, we have not only seen an improvement in behaviour and attitude inside the classroom, but also an increase in attendance. The students are genuinely excited for Tuesday to come so they can continue to learn the different techniques in boxing as well as blowing off some steam at the end of a tough school day.

Alex Reveley - Teacher & Mentor - Hull College

Some of the students we take to St. Paul's Boxing Academy have never even attended a P.E lesson at secondary school. the confidence both Mike and Paul have instilled in these students is amazing and it's a joy to see these students grow.

Adam Burns - Teacher & Mentor - Hull College










Why Boxing?

The links between physical activity and improved learning outcomes are well known.

The evidence shows a strong link between physically active children and improved self-esteem, confidence, attention span and …. academic achievements.’ Professor Charlie Foster (Change4Life Evidence Review, July 2015)                                              

Boxing training works! Complex body movements and keen co-ordination help to develop personal skills and inspire confidence – these are the building blocks for learning. At St Paul’s Centre we plan individual programmes which combine the discipline and ethos of boxing and other sports training with education and mentoring in order to re-engage young people with learning.

What we do

At St Paul’s PDC we are unconditional in our commitment to improving the life opportunities for young people. We build trust in order to challenge negative attitudes and build confidence.Our ethos is one of respect for all – we listen without judgement.

Our experience is that young people in particular disengage with learning for a variety of reasons but everyone possesses unique and extraordinary skills and talents – many of which are acquired in coping with chaotic or troubling circumstances.

A minority of young people will struggle to find their place in mainstream education and consciously or unconsciously become marginalised. At St Paul’s PDC we offer a personalised, alternative, motivating curriculum which aims to tap into the talents and abilities of young people currently disengaged from learning in order that they have the chance to grow, learn and achieve.

We use boxing and other physical and sporting activities to develop discipline, positive attitudes and self-esteem and to build relationships with adult coaches, other students and the local and wider community.

How we ensure success

  • Students learn in small groups – this fosters adult relationships

  • We recognise young people have different learning styles

  • Learners thrive in a clear and structured environment


Our students achieve in all sorts of ways by building self-esteem, confidence and social skills which allow them to prosper.


We can tailor our services to suit the needs of individuals and differentiate across many channels.


Certified bodies recognise our qualifications and we have many to be gained.