Over the years, St. Paul’s has worked with a multitude of organisations to deliver projects that support the community. Whether it be fundraising or motivational or inspirational challenges, the academy continues to offer support and opportunities for others to excel. Without such projects, the history and buzz surrounding St. Paul’s would simply not exist.

Hull University – St. Paul’s Academy has forged close links with the Hull University Boxing Club, providing gym facilities as well as mentoring, guidance, fitness programmes and individual development opportunities for the University’s developing boxers.

East Yorkshire Regiment – St. Paul’s has developed close links with boxing teams of the armed forces. Working hand in glove with boxers from both the East Yorkshire Regiment and Royal Logistics Core based in Aldershot, St. Paul’s provides coaching and sparring opportunities aimed at developing skills and fitness. The use of St. Paul’s facilities and dedicated boxers now forms part of the development programme during the run up to major inter forces boxing tournaments.

Kingswood Academy – We work with disenfranchised young people within the community by partnering Kingswood Academy. Our coaches provide non-contact boxing training, fitness and nutritional advice at the school to help give young people an opportunity to develop life skills within a safe environment away from the traditional classroom environment.

Cottingham Tigers – Cottingham Tigers, a local successful amateur rugby league team, uses St. Paul’s facilities and our dedicated coaches for additional fitness training and team building exercises.

North Ferriby FC – North Ferriby FC, a local successful amateur football team, has joined forces with St. Paul’s to use both our equipment and dedicated coaches to provide additional fitness training and team building skills.

Westella & Willerby Juniors FC – In order to improve fitness and stamina, Westella & Willerby Juniors FC carry out additional training sessions at St. Paul’s using both the facilities and our dedicated coaches.