During these difficult times, we are all experiencing challenges that will affect many people’s health, social lives and livelihoods for a long time to come.

As one of the 950+ amateur boxing clubs in England who are run entirely by voluntary coaches, we give up an average of 4-5 nights every single week to run St Paul’s Boxing Academy. We do this for the benefit of our local communities, and our gym is a sanctuary for many people in Hull.

Our volunteers at St Paul’s manage to train our members by covering essential overheads primarily through a combination of subscription fees, and fundraising by hosting boxing shows for the public.

At this stage, there is a great level of uncertainty around the impact that coronavirus will have on St Paul’s, as we still need to cover our overheads throughout the coming weeks and months, but with little to no income to do so.

That is why we are backing the KO COVID-19 campaign, appealing to you, members of our local community, to donate whatever you can to your local boxing club, to help ensure that when we as a nation have KO’d Covid-19, there is still an amateur boxing club in Hull that people can return to.

Any donation great or small is appreciated, and you can do so by following our Just Giving page below.


Or if you are willing to give #onemoreround to #KOCOVID19 by launching your own fundraiser for St Paul’s, do let us know so we can big you up in your social media posts.

Whatever you do, however big or small, please help your local club to #KOCOVID19, and thank you from all of us at St Paul’s Boxing Academy.

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