St Paul’s Boxing Academy specialises in the delivery of boxing based and keep fit sessions to promote health, fitness and social inclusion in a safe boxing based gym, community or educational establishment environments. Through its services it aims to increase self – confidence, self – esteem, team work, and respect for others whilst improving individual health, well-being and fitness.

Sessions include non-contact and shadow boxing, punch bag exercises, skipping, circuit training, flexibility training and incorporate the use of specialist equipment. Each session is supervised by experienced, fully qualified coaches and is tailored to the needs of the individual group which include mixed, female only, seniors, and younger aged group’s sessions.

Sessions are delivered to a wide range of groups of children, young people and adults irrespective of age, gender, ability, ethnic background or disability.

Outreach and community sessions have been delivered successfully including ‘Street Games’ and ‘Sportivate’ aimed at 14-25 year olds, and ‘Us Girls’ aimed at encouraging girls into keeping fit. St. Paul’s also has wide ranging experience of delivering primary school programmes.

St Paul’s has a range of programmes suitable for college students, local rugby and football teams, NEETS and children and young people from challenging social economic backgrounds.


Our team is packed full of dedicated professionals who, in their own time, give back to hundreds of participants every single year.


St. Paul’s Academy rose from World War rubble and established itself in the heart of the city.