We partner with the following organisations in order to help each other to prosper through our community alternative solutions, wider activities and new opportunities. Cementing long-term relationships with these establishments gives us a real sense of pride and community spirit.

Our immediate neighbour, Holy Trinity Church has always worked closely with St. Paul’s by offering pastoral support to any of our club members who may require it. Our female boxers recently raised £600 for Hull’s homeless by carrying out a boxathon behalf of Holy Trinity and Archbishop Sentamu, on his recent visit to the region, personally praised the good work we do for the local community.

Recognising that some young people struggle with participating in physical activity, Hull College have teamed up with St Paul’s Boxing Academy to offer an alternative to traditional physical education provision. Qualified St Paul’s coaches give their time and expertise within a safe environment to offer these young people the opportunity to learn basic boxing skills to help channel their aggression in a positive way. On completion of their time at the academy, the young people gain a certificate of achievement. More importantly they leave with a sense of purpose and a better chance of success on reaching their goals within Hull College.