St. Paul’s – more than just a boxing club

Make no mistake, St Paul’s Boxing Academy produces champions. Olympic gold medallist Luke Campbell trained with us, as did former Commonwealth lightweight title holder, Tommy Coyle.

We have produced countless national and regional champions too, and have firm plans to continue building on those achievements.

But we are so much more than that. In fact, just 10 per cent of our members are carded boxers. The remaining 90 per cent – those who don’t have ambitions to become competitive boxers – come for a variety of different reasons, and all take away something valuable from their experiences at St Paul’s Boxing Academy.

Since 1948, we have been helping young people find the direction, confidence and focus they need to lead happy and successful lives.

And in a time when obesity in the UK, particularly the poorer parts of the country, is at epidemic levels, we are helping people of all ages lead fitter, healthier, longer lives.

This work is every bit as important to us as producing the next world champion. In fact, the difference our fantastic team of volunteers make to the lives of everyday people is often the most rewarding part of what we do.

What our members say

But don’t just take our word for it. We recently asked our members to tell us about the benefits they get from training at St Paul’s, and the results were inspiring. Here are just a few comments we received:

  • I have gained a higher level of fitness, stress reduction, increased strength, posture and coordination. It’s a different kind of exercise and one you can do with friends.
  • My confidence has grown, my fitness has improved, and the exercise has helped with my asthma.
  • Helped me reduce my anxiety and anger, social aspect, great fitness.
  • St Paul’s is like a second home/keeps me out of trouble.
  • It helps me stay fit and feel like part of a community.
  • Improved my level of fitness, my mood is calmer, and it has improved my body shape.

We also asked parents about the changes they had seen in their children after starting to train with us. Their responses speak for themselves:

  • CONFIDENCE!! Better approach to fitness generally. He goes for a run after school daily!!! Never did this before.
  • St Paul’s has brought motivation and discipline to my child. It has given me a better relationship with my child. My child has made friends and has a better attitude in and outside the sport.
  • Confidence, fitness, friendship. It has developed her in her determination to succeed and learn. Effort leads to rewards.
  • Has improved discipline at home and at school. Looks forward to coming and aims to win the trophy every week. Most important of all he enjoys his time at the gym.
  • Brought him out of his shell. Given him more confidence and has brought boxing techniques to a good standard.

Helping young people develop

As this feedback demonstrates, members benefit from improved fitness and strength, confidence, body shape, focus, attitude, motivation and discipline.

Crucially, they also report less anxiety, anger, stress, are less likely to get into trouble, experience calmer moods and have a sense of community. Parents even report better relationships with their children.

Most deprived areas of Hull

More than a third of our members come from the four most economically deprived post codes of Hull. Many have difficult lives and could have drifted into petty crime within their communities.

But it is precisely those members who reported in our survey that St Paul’s had given them the direction, purpose, and self-discipline to keep out of trouble and prevented them from joining gangs.

This is why, above and beyond training champions in the ring, we believe our work helping to train champions outside of the ring is essential. We aim to produce champions in life.

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