June in a Nutshell

By July 1, 2019Boxing Academy

30th June

Humber Bridge Fun Run

The St Paul’s family showed its support for the gym today as more than 100 friends and family took part in the annual Humber Bridge Fun Run. All money raised will go towards the general upkeep and running of the gym as we prepare to move into our transformation stage and ready ourselves for the refurbishment to begin in October of this year.

Head Coach, Mike Bromby said, “It was a great turn out by our St Paul’s Boxing Academy for the Humber Bridge Fun Run”.

Proud mum, Sara said “What a brilliant turn out For St Paul’s boxing club. I couldn’t be more proud of my children they absolutely smashed it, they ran the whole race. I’m proud of everyone”

Coach Paul Mays said “Massive thank you to Darren Peacock of Peacock Finance for providing all St Paul’s boxing academy members and family with t-shirts as well as providing all coaches with tracksuits. We really do look the part.”

There was a well-earned visit to the local pub afterwards where parents could chill out and relax in the gorgeous sunshine.

23rd June

Attempted Break In at the Gym

Looks like someone thought it was a good idea to try to break into the gym last night but luckily they didn’t get past the main door!

Coach, Paul Mays arrived at the gym this evening to find the door handle of the main entrance had been prized off and that someone had attempted to break in. However they were not successful and no real damage was done.

Paul said, “You get some bad individuals who think it’s funny to damage the property of a charity. I don’t know what possesses such individuals”

Individual members of the gym and community offered help to put the damage right. The door is fully secure and we continue to provide our sessions as per normal.

Head Coach Mike said “Some uneducated individual tried to damage our gym, Tut tut low lifes our Academy produces healthy high lifes for our valued members”.

21st June

St Paul’s Stars Shine at Hull Box Cup

During a cracking weekend of boxing there were some fantastic performances from our St Paul’s Boxing Academy team. St Paul’s Boxing Academy picked up two golds and a silver from a team of six who entered into this prestigious local event. Coach Lynden Young said “There were some fantastic performances and some very unlucky decisions. However we won’t dwell on the negative but revel in the positives. I thought the support from parents and other boxers was superb throughout the weekend and a pleasure to be part of it all. Well done St. Paul’s Boxing Academy”.

Head Coach Mike said “Success of the Academy is down to our brilliant coaching staff of Lynden Young, Darren Christie, Kevin Docwra, Paul Mays, Tony Riding, Danny Snow, Ruhal Husain, Craig Kent, and Calum Devine. Not forgetting all the support team and trustees”.

Emma Jenkins, parent representative, said “It was a fantastic weekend, we enjoyed every minute of the competition. Hats off to all out team at St Paul’s”

3rd June

Business week comes to St Paul’s

As part of introducing the plans for the transformation of St Paul’s to the local business community, the Board of Trustees invited local leaders to an event at the gym as part of Hull Business Week.

The evening was a great success and enabled the team to show local leaders what the gym is all about and how we work closely with the community.

From young members serving sandwiches and drinks to the audience to boxers and coaches putting on sparring sessions in the ring, everyone helped to make a good impression.

Andrew Horncastle MBE, chair of Trustees gave a detailed presentation during which he shared our plans and asked for local support to help achieve our dreams. He introduced the team and a video showing an artist’s impression of what the gym will look like once it has been refurbished.

Andrew said afterwards, “It was a very successful evening and I’m sure we will see improved support from our local business community now they have a clear picture of our vision and commitment to our local community”.

Following a full page article in the Hull daily Mail Mike Bromby said, “I’m so proud and so happy. Our Club has developed thousands of people’s lives since the club was forms seventy years ago, producing not only champions in the ring but instilling healthy lifestyles and inspiring confidence , respect , discipline and friendships for life. So many great trainers and support staff over the years have given their valuable time”.

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