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By February 28, 2019Boxing Academy

24TH February

One Hull of an Afternoon

“Boxing at its best”, Mike Bromby declared following this afternoons home show held at the Gym.

“Thanks to all the boxers, coaches, England officials and supporters, your attendance made it 1 Hull of a day to remember”. Said coach, Lynden.
The St Paul’s Boxing Academy team all impressed against top class opposition.

Well done Tegan Lutkin, Vadim Zavackas, Abbas Kareem, Charlie Leason, Jackson Fox, Leighton Shakespeare, Hayley Kirman, Tyler Ridley, Harvey Kemp, Tyler Gott and Tasha Taylor.

Special thanks to Track Fitness and boxing clubs,  Hull Saints ABC, Whitby ABC, Purge B.A, Crowle ABC, Wellington ABC, Bridlington CYP, District Youth, Camp Detox and Synwell ABC for attending and bringing along not only excellent opponents but family and friends to help make the atmosphere.

Thanks to Howden Rotary Club for donating over £650 from your sponsored cycle ride and medal presentation.

At the end of the afternoon Mike Bromby said, “Our Academy has an exceptional team whose precious input brings success, confidence and comradeship to so many. A massive well done to all

24th February

Top Class Sunday

St Paul’s Boxing Academy presents an afternoon of top class boxing today at our gym headquarters.

We are proud to have two of our champions in attendance. Recently crowned National Champion, Ted Jackson and our senior international star Harvey Lambert
will both be available to meet and greet parents and family members.

Doors open 1.30pm.
Boxing commences approx. 2.15pm.
Bar/refreshment available.
Admission: Adults £10.
Senior citizens and u16s £5.

Cheap parking available at the multi-story car park opposite the church.

All members who did cycle ride will have a medal presentation.

Let’s all share 1 Hull of a sporting afternoon

23rd February

Harrison wins in Wigan

A great night in Wigan at the Magestics club show for our own Harrison Mays. His opponent was supported by a very loud following. Harrison took it in his stride all the rounds of sparring and hard work in the gym really showed.

Coach, Paul Mays said “We are proud to bits. Harrison was definitely on another level tonight”.

22nd February

Joe on the Road in Acomb

Joe Young v Mathew Fricco.

The first round started at a good pace with both feeling each other out, it was a close encounter with Joe landing the cleaner shots

The second round Joe put it on his opponent and clearly dominated the round with strength and work rate.

The third round Joe took the front foot again and his opponent went into survival mood, Joe got the better in the exchanges and looked to have done enough, but unfortunately lost on s split decision.

Coach Darren Christie said “ We clearly thought Joe won the fight with better work rate and clearer shots, he boxed very well and it’s a cruel sport at times, but it’s testament to Joe’s improvement how they won’t take rematches and we have to travel everywhere for fights.”

18th February

RESPECT campaign Launches

St Paul’s Boxing Academy Management Committee is proud to confirm that we are fully supportive of England Boxing’s RESPECT campaign that has been launched today. We will do all we can as an Academy to promote the values of RESPECT and will continue to ensure the principles on which our Academy is grounded continue to support this type of campaign.

The Management Committee confirmed that we support RESPECT by having a culture of respect, we have a parent’s charter which promotes respect and a young person’s charter that helps to build the culture of RESPECT from an early age.

The Welfare Officer, Barrie May confirmed that such campaigns are important but it is at Gyms all over the country that RESPECT must become part of their DNA where actions and behaviours embedded within the culture actually make the difference.

A statement from England Boxing reads…

“England Boxing has rarely seen such success on the international stage, both within the ring and in the achievements of the supporting cast of coaches and officials. The emergence of such talent is constantly applauded, and we continue to contest at the highest level against some of the greatest boxing countries in the world.

It is therefore disappointing that while we celebrate such accolades our sport can, at times, be embroiled in distasteful and unwarranted interactions. A lack of appreciation for others, and the stealth growth of a sub-culture of disrespect has been increasingly evident over the past few seasons.

This lack of respect for officials, coaches, and, at times, the boxers themselves, is becoming a threat to your success as a membership and our ability as a national governing body to sustain the sport.

A lack of support for our officials has been cited as one of the fundamental reasons for dwindling numbers of both established and new members of that fraternity. While many agree such actions should not be tolerated, only with support of the membership as a whole will such behaviour be kicked out.

With this in mind, England Boxing is launching a campaign called ‘RESPECT – plain and simple’, calling on everyone within the sport to treat each other as an equal, and with the respect they deserve.

Clubs and England Boxing members can help by:

  • Displaying the printable ‘A4 RESPECT – plain and simple’ poster in club gyms (which can be found in the Vault’s, Knowledge Base Locker).
  • Posting RESPECT banners on social media (which can be found in the Vault’s, Knowledge Base Locker).
  • Using the RESPECT banner within club show programmes.
  • Ensuring that the RESPECT message is passed on to all members, coaches, volunteers and parents, and that they understand its importance.
  • Encouraging an atmosphere of RESPECT by everyone in club gyms.
  • Reporting any issues where people are not adhering to the RESPECT principles at events.

As part of the campaign, England Boxing are set to display a series of pop-up banners, ring ‘Toblerones’ and literature at major Championships as the year unfolds and also promote the RESPECT message on social media.

It is part of a determination throughout 2019 and beyond to ensure that the need for respect across boxing is collectively agreed, supported and demonstrated, with mutual buy-in needed from officials, competitors, coaches, spectators in order to stamp out what has been a growing problem”.

17th February

Harvey on the Road

St Paul’s own welter weight, Harvey Lambert turned in an amazing performance over in Rotterdam at the weekend.

Boxing three times National Champion, Delano James who is tipped for the 2020 Olympics, Harvey totally outclassed him in front of a packed crowed. Harvey was cheered all the way to victory. He has just returned from his Great Britain assessment camp in Sheffield during which he excelled himself magnificently and impressed the GB coaches.

Mike Bromby said, “Harvey is a true performer with a fantastic career ahead of him”.

17th February

Weigh – In National Welfare Concerns

England Boxing has brought to the attention of club Welfare Officers concerns that have been brought to their attention around the weigh Ins at tournaments. In a statement sent to all Club Welfare Officers, Gordon Valentine, England Boxing National Compliance Manager raised the following:

“England Boxing are now in the height of the 2018/2019 season and have a very eventful few months ahead.
Championships, Regional Box Cups and Club shows are now underway. Hundreds of our Boxers are also due to compete abroad over the coming months.

In such an action-packed time of the season, we would like to address a very serious issue, and quickly, by bringing it to the attention of our welfare officers.

It has recently been brought to our attention that there have been some concerning behaviours surrounding the weigh-ins of boxers pre-tournament, in particular children and young persons.
We have received reports of coaches permitting boxers to intentionally starve and dehydrate themselves in order to lose weight so they can make weight to box.

This puts our boxers at serious risk both in and outside of the ring. It also goes against England Boxing’s Safeguarding Principles.
It is of upmost importance that we as an organisation, and as welfare officers, ensure that the safety and welfare of our boxers is not been compromised in order to ensure bouts go ahead.

Please can we ask that all club welfare officers are being extra vigilant and raise any issues to their Regional Welfare Officer or directly to England Boxing’s National Compliance Manager Gordon Valentine”.

Head Coach, Mike Bromby and Academy Welfare Officer, Barrie May, confirmed that the Academy has strict procedures in place in order to prevent such practices from occurring. They confirmed that each coach is fully trained and supervised by Mike and has regular meetings where any such issues can be discussed. Every coach has been on Safeguarding training.

Mike confirmed that if any such practices are brought to his or the Welfare Officers attention they will be fully investigated. He said “We want our boxers to enjoy their sport and will do all we can to support them which includes making sure that they are treated properly and are not forced to starve or dehydrate at any time”.

15th – 17th February

Youth Cadet Finals – Ted Jackson – Champion

The competition was at the Spiceball Leisure Centre, with the quarter finals on Friday, semi-finals Saturday and final on the Sunday.

First up Ted faced Cameron Briggs in the quarters, Ted boxed very well and kept his opponent at range with a solid long jab, later bringing more shots in to take a unanimous decision. 

Next was Oscar Grey a tricky southpaw, Ted went out with bad intensions and gave him a count in the first round, after this he kept his cool and boxed his opponent at a great pace to take a unanimous points decision. 

In the final he faced big hitting national champion Ali Akbar Javid. The first two rounds where close with both fighters landing in exchanges, but in the last round Ted came out very aggressively putting his opponent on the back foot and dominating the round, to win the bout on a split decision. 

A superb win and 3/3 over the full weekend.

Coach Lynden said “Teds work since joining us has been flawless and thoroughly deserves to walk away champion this weekend, it’s going to be a good year for him, and also I would like to thank all the coaches for the work they put in with Ted”.

16th February

Zoe Does the Business

St Paul’s own Zoe Samsun showed why she is so highly thought of as a future talent within the ST Paul’s Boxing Academy. Today Zoe reached the Semi Finals of the England Boxing National Youth Championships.

Coach Lynden said, “Zoe boxed very well today and dug deep. She will learn a lot from her experience and will gain from the journey she has been on and continues to be on.”

16th February

Young Guns Session

Coach, Paul Mays continued his Saturday morning session with the young guns who are aiming to be the top talent of the future.

Just to show how popular the session is here are a few quotes from parents who dedicate their time to their young guns.

Drew said “Thank you for a brill first session Paul”

Helen, Jacobs mum said “Thanks Paul, Jacob loved his first session, see you next week”.

Mike, Leylan’s dad said “Thanks Paul, Laylan loves it”

Lisa, “Thanks Paul for another brill session, the boys always leave with a smile on their face. And thanks for the St Paul’s T shirts.”

Craig, “Awesome, thanks a lot for today boss!!!!”.

This is truly real praise given from parents who fully appreciate the session that Paul leads on a weekend.

15th February

Ijaz Eases a Spirited Win

During an event where all takings were donated to Tom Bell at the Doncaster Dome and where big names such as Ricky Hitman Hattan, Josh Warrington and Charlie Edwards were in attendance our own Ijaz took on a talented lad and did not disappoint.

Starting the first round with a crisp sharp jab he settled in moving his opponent around the ring with precise combinations and foot movement.

The second was just as good with all the work taking place in the inside, showing great stamina.

Into the third and Ijaz picked up momentum, backing his opponent into the corner setting his feet with power shots.

Coach Paul Mays said “I am really proud of Ijaz who boxed to the plan. Winning by a split decision seemed a little harsh to me. Now onto the championships”

10th February

Sundays are not always a “Day of Rest”

But they can be a great day of fun as Coach, Paul Mays, welcomes the second young guns session of the weekend as he takes another group of youngsters through their paces. Dodge ball and other games give these youngsters an opportunity to burn off calories and participate in a game they all seem to really enjoy. But this isn’t until they have been through an enjoyable fitness and conditioning and pad session with Paul. These youngsters are supported by dedicated parents who give up their time to bring their youngsters along every weekend.

9th February

Young Guns Saturday Morning Sessions

The Saturday young guns session is probably one of the most looked forward sessions of the week if enthusiasm and effort has got anything to say on the matter. Coach, Paul Mays runs this well attended session. He said “It is an important session as it is the beginning of the road for all these youngsters. They are the St Pauls boxers of the future but are already ambassadors for our great Academy” The session takes place every Saturday morning. All parents enjoy the session as much as their young children.

On this occasion as part of the continued community link ups the Academy enjoys Paul is joined by the West Hull under ten rugby team and their coach Craig Bartle. Paul said, “They are a fantastic set of lads who work their socks off!!!”.

9th February

Soap Visit

Mike and Kerry Bromby took a bit of time out from the rigors of the amateur boxing world to spend a bit of time together. The visited the set of Coronation Street during which they had a cracking day out. Mike said “It’s good to have some family time away”.

7th February

Time to Talk

February 7th 2019 marked the launch of the Time to talk campaign against mental illness. St Paul’s Boxing Academy fully supports this campaign organised by England Boxing who want to hear stories of “fighting back” against mental illness.

Welfare Officer, Barrie May said “It’s time to talk about mental health in Boxing and we as a gym want to support any of our boxers and or members who may be suffering in silence. Please come forward so we can begin to help”.

6th February

Junior Class

Mike Bromby is extremely impressed with effort and dedication being shown by the junior boxers within the gym. He can see potential in every one of the youngsters as he and the coaches put them through their paces.

5th February

Time to Shine

The reintroduced female session got off to a great February start with new faces gracing the St Pauls Boxing Gym.

The sessions take place every Tuesday and Thursday 6pm till 7pm.

4th February

British Army Boot Camp

St Paul’s Boxing Academy once again welcomed back the British Army Boxing Team who came to use our facilities and coaches to train for the inter forces National championships. During the session Head Coach Mike Bromby along with their Head Coach supervised a fitness session and body sparring session which provided opportunity for both St Paul’s Boxers and the Army team boxers the chance to receive some great extra experience in the ring. Mike said, “This is an annual event now and I look forward to it each year. We wish the army team well in the competition”.

3rd February

Yorkshire Youth Cadet Championships

Mike Bromby and Lyndon Young both accompanied our own Ted Jackson who represented St Pauls Boxing Academy at the Yorkshire Youth Cadet Championships hosted by Hunslet Club. He won the 64Kkg final against a talented opponent. “The overall standard of boxing was exceptional and all credit must go to the coaches and boxers” said Lynden. “I enjoyed meeting up with old friends too” he joked.

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